Shufflez app privacy policy
The developer has no access to personally identifiable information from any users of the app.
INTERNET - The app needs internet access to communicate with other users.
CAMERA - The app needs access to the device's camera in order to scan QR codes. No other information from the viewfinder is collected or stored.

Third-party services
  • Firebase - The app uses Firebase from Google to communicate between devices, and uses Google Analytics for Firebase to collect anonymous usage data. You can click here for more information about Google Analytics, or here for Firebase's privacy and security information.
    In addition, Firebase is used to assign a random ID to each device. This cannot be used to personally identify the user.
  • AdMob by Google - The app may display personalized ads with AdMob by Google. More information from Google can be found here.

  • The user can choose to uninstall the app at any time, at which point no other data from the user is transmitted through the app.